We are specialized in wooden and metal shelving systems. Below is an overview of our offer. Our shelving systems can be used for fitting your shop, warehouse, store, exhibition stand, office, school, library or even wardrobe.

Wooden racks
Brumorek Go to product
Excellent to use in your store. This first-class Scandinavian pinewood system has an authentic and natural look. Therefore there will be created an unique atmosphere, and the customer feels at ease.
Combirek Go to product
This versatile system is widely used as a shop, for example, liquor stores, health food stores and even a chemist. But schools also make grateful use of this solid wood shelving system.
Archos Go to product
This system is made of remaining material of the Brumorek. It is characterized by the low prices. Your available space will be used optimally by the diversity of the system. This is ideal for archives, storage facilities and warehouses.
Eurorek Go to product
Many for less. Eurorek made ​​in Eastern Europe, is our absolute smash in our price range. This low budget system is good to use in your storage at the shop, warehouse, archive or as an outletrack at shoe stores.
Rangerek Go to product
Ideal for wine cellars, stone trade, stores,archives and warehouses. Rangerek distinguishes itselves from Combirek and Eurorek by the higher capacity per shelf that this system guarantees. Made from first-class Scandinavian pinewood.
Vinorek Go to product
Perfect to use for your wine cellar, wine shop or off-license. This is possible with the Vinorek. Do you want to fit a wine cellar, wine storage or a wine shop on a creative way? This is possible with the Vinorek! The Vinorek consists of separate parts, which can increase with your wine rack with your wine collection .
Metal shelving / others
Novarek Go to product
This high quality galvanized steel rack is suitable for use in the warehouse or store. It is available with many different options such as dividers, clothing rods, suspended filing foldercarriage and more. Due to the enormous versatility, this metal shelving system suitable for many storage problems. Due to the versatility this metal shelving system suitable for many storage problems.
Handyrek Go to product
An ideal metal storage rack in an office, school or garage. This metal rack is easy to assemble and functional in use. A competitive price and therefore very popular.
Brevarek Go to product
Each sqm is valuable. You want to organize functionally and effectively . Preferably at the lowest possible cost. This is possible with the Brevarek! Lots of storage space for little money. Not suitable as pallet rack, but so practical.
Quick Rack is not only strong in racking systems, also in other products. You can find below a number of products which will be available by Quickrack. Pallet racks, cantilever racks, storey mezzanine floors, plastic containers, office furniture. We are able to supply you.